Project Name: Global Climate Change and Human Health Impacts: Investigation and Analysis in the Classroom using Innovative Technologies
Project Status: CURRENT
Selection Year: 2010
Organization: Institute for the Application of Geospatial Technology (IAGT) ~ Cayuga Community College
Project Description Project Investigator
This project will bring NASA climate change and other Earth system information to teachers and students, using a variety of motivating and interactive methods. These methods include the development and implementation of hands-on, climate change workshops for educators, accurate and age-appropriate lesson plan development for the secondary level classroom, and the enhancement of a NASA 3D, visualization application, NASA World Wind, for communicating and accessing these data in an intuitive and engaging way.

Through a collaborative effort, the investigators will leverage the wealth of available climate change information, research, and related NASA resources, and transform it in a way that makes it relevant and accessible in an engaging form. IAGT will work with The Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) within the Earth Institute at Columbia University. CIESIN works at the intersection of the social, natural, and information sciences, and specializes in on-line data and information management, spatial data integration and training, and interdisciplinary research related to human interactions in the environment. The center has a variety of climate change data holdings, including U.S. emissions data, climate estimates, and a number of human impact studies. CIESIN also hosts NASA's Socioeconomic Data Application Center (SEDAC) whose mission is to develop and operate applications that support the integration of socioeconomic and earth science data and to serve as an "information gateway" between the earth sciences and social sciences.

The outcomes of this project will help attract and retain students in STEM disciplines, build partnerships that promote STEM literacy, and achieve excellence in STEM education. High achievement, awareness and understanding in these disciplines will facilitate the establishment of a knowledgeable generation that is equipped to manage the causes and effects of a changing global climate and the impact on human health.

Amy Work
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